Usui Reiki I

Blended Self-Paced and In-Person Instruction!

Prerequisites: None

This Usui Reiki I course has been specifically designed for those who are interested in learning Reiki in an online, self-paced manner, and who also want to receive individualized, one-on-one instruction (either in-person or virtually).

If you are an experienced energy healer, this course is a great addition as you develop your skills and gifts further by becoming a Usui Reiki practitioner.

This Usui Reiki I course consists of online, self-paced lessons and a 30 minute one-on-one session with Mary Jo (in person or virtual) where you will receive the Usui Reiki I Attunement.

This course includes a Usui Reiki I manual available in digital or print format. Contact Mary Jo following course enrollment to clarify which format you prefer. (Additional shipping charge for print format.)

Also included in this Usui Reiki I course is a one-hour individual mentoring session with Mary Jo after completion of the course.

Lessons and course content are released in their entirety after you enroll so that you can set your own schedule. You can decide the pace at which you want to move through the course content and meditations to best support you as you develop your healing skills and gifts.

This course includes access to your Online Community, a dedicated space where you can connect with others to explore healing and wellness.

Course Includes:

-3 hours of video instruction

-Usui Reiki I course manual ($29 value)

-Explanation of Reiki

​-History of Reiki

-Introduction to the Human Energy System

-Principles of Energy Healing

-Instruction in Reiki self-treatment techniques

-Instruction in Reiki treatment techniques for others

-30-minute individual Mentoring Session with Reiki I Attunement

-6 Guided Meditations

-A one-hour post-class mentoring session ($100 value)

-Certificate of Course Completion

-5.5 continuing education hours (student responsible for determining if this activity meets their specific requirements)

- Access to the Usui Reiki I online Community page

-10% Discount on gemstones purchased through 4th Dimension Healing Online Shop (You will receive a coupon code after you enroll.)

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Mary Jo Feely, 4th Dimension Healing

Hi! I'm Mary Jo Feely

I am the Director of the Center for Crystal and Healing Studies and owner of 4th Dimension Healing in Stillwater, Minnesota.

I have a passion for health and wellness, and I am convinced that as we heal ourselves, we heal all beings.

I have been working with crystals and stones for many years. It not only ceases to amaze me how effective they are in supporting body, mind and spirit healing, but also how simple it is to incorporate them into daily life.

I am a registered nurse of over 42 years and have been working in the Energy Healing field since 2003. I am an accredited and certified Healing Touch Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Healing Practitioner and mystic.

I have studied and received extensive training in Healing Touch, Usui Reiki, Back Chakra Activation, Hara and Crystal Healing, Essential Oils, as well as Christian, Buddhist and Hindu meditation practices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do courses start and finish? Courses start when you enroll and never end! They are completely self-paced and available whenever you want.

How long does it take to complete courses? Free Mini-Courses may be completed at your own pace. For fee-based courses, lessons and course content are released on a weekly basis after you enroll. This schedule is specifically designed to pace the course material to best support you, providing adequate time to integrate the information and meditations.

How long do I have access to the courses? How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited time to complete your courses.

Can I access the courses on my tablet or phone? Yes, access to your courses is available on all electronic devices.

Are there pre-requisites to the courses? Many of the courses are stand-alone and can be taken in whichever order you want. For courses that are based upon content from other courses, prerequisite course work is indicated. The Crystal Healer Certification Program consists of several courses that must be successfully completed to meet certification requirements.

Can I pay for the course in installments? Yes. You can pay for a course all at once or make installments.

When do I get the collection of crystals and gemstones that are included with some of the courses? After you enroll in a course that includes crystals and gemstones, they will be shipped to you, typically within 5-7 business days.

What is Community? Community is a dedicated space where students can connect together and learn from each other. It is free and open to everyone who has signed up for any free or paid course. Community is a place where you can share your questions, thoughts and experiences about healing and wellness, and get updates and news about upcoming event. Additionally, access to course-specific discussion groups is included with paid courses.

How can I stay updated and learn about new courses? Make sure to “opt-in” to receive occasional emails from me. You’ll be the first to hear about updates, upcoming events, discounts, and new courses, and you can always change your email preferences whenever you want.

What if I still have questions? Go ahead and contact me by phone or email.

4th Dimension Healing

Email: [email protected]

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